The first page………

Cate had known it was coming for three years. She had lived the moment and the aftermath in her head a million times, continually innoculating herself against the deleterious effects of it, so she thought anyway. In her job as a Health Visitor she was every day exposed to birth and death, illness and misery and this too would be her defence against it.

One dreary damp November Wednesday it came and the real, everyday world would then fade into the distance like a overexposed photo, colour drained, definition diminished, sound muted out. At the precise moment Cate had been unpacking the shopping, putting jars in the cupboards and peas in the freezer. She felt a palpitation, no, a thud in her chest and stopped mid rummage. Walked out of the kitchen and into the makeshift downstairs bedroom Matt had been using these last couple of weeks. Walking through the door, she heard a rasping, crackling exhalation from the bed, followed by a whispered groan, her eyes fell immediately to Matt’s chest and she waited for it to rise again, waited and waited some more. It didn’t come. Instinct as a nurse took over and her index and middle finger of her right hand found their way to the spot in Matt’s neck where the carotid artery could easily be felt, only it couldn’t, nothing. And with this nothing the ‘thing’ so carefully rehearsed and prepared for had happened, there was no longer the little voice that whispered “maybe they are wrong”

Cate stepped into the new alternative reality of being a widow


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